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Release of the RENSA® Polymeric Resin Guide

10 February 2016

MIP Technologies (a subsidiary of Biotage AB), a leading global supplier of solutions and technologies for specialty polymeric separation materials, is pleased to present a new brochure summarizing its range of RENSA® industrial resins.


The brochure contains a comprehensive overview of the RENSA® family and describes the properties as well as the performance of each new resin so that customers can select the appropriate resin for their specific separation requirements.

"RENSA polymeric separation materials have been shown to solve difficult separation challenges, where conventional industrial resins have failed or poorly performed. Our customers value the novel and alternate separation properties of these novel materials", says Dr. Ecevit Yilmaz, Product Manager – Industrial Resins.

MIP Technologies is an expert company within polymer technology within the Biotage group. The company started out with the technology of molecularly imprinted polymers, which are targeted affinity separation materials. In recent years, also generic polymeric separation materials have been developed and brought to the market. These new products are now summarized in the new brochure, which can be downloaded below.

Product Overview

  • Non-ionic adsorbents
  • Ion-exchangers
  • Affinity resins

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Download the brochure below

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