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All You Need to Know About Biotage® Endeavor™ Parallel Multi-reactor Synthesizer

09 February 2015

A compact system for parallel reactions poses a lot of questions like: "How are the pressure and temperature regulated?", "How can I access the recorded reaction data?", "What is the maximum reaction volume?". All the answers are put together in a one-stop document covering frequently asked questions on Biotage® Endeavor™.


Biotage® Endeavor™ Catalyst Screening System is a parallel, multi-reactor synthesizer for fast, effective and simple optimization of pressurized reactions, taking advantage of parallel chemistry in the screening and optimization of catalytic reactions. The eight small reactors duplicate the environment found in larger autoclave-type reactors.Endeavor can perform hydrogenations, carbonylations and polymerizations while assessing the effects of temperature, pressure and solvent on the final products. Endeavor also accelerates screening for selected polymer properties and catalyst effectiveness.

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Part No: PPS368 Published: 2015 0.29 MB Format: pdf