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Biotage Peptide Synthesizer used for Ebola Research

16 February 2015

Professor Ola Blixt at The University of Copenhagen invests in a Syro peptide synthesizer as part of investigations to develop rapid diagnostic tests for viral infections such as Ebola.


Professor Ola Blixt at The Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen, is taking part in the “EbolaModRAD” project funded by the European Commission for Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI). His research involves development of a rapid diagnostic test for Ebola and other filoviral haemorrhagic fever viruses. As part of this research a Biotage peptide synthesizer (Syro Parallel Peptide Synthesizer) will be used to construct novel glycopeptide building blocks.

The aim of the research project is to synthesize glycoprotein and glycopeptide modules of viral components and study their involvement in immune reactivities. This information will be further developed to lateral flow device assays for filed diagnostics. This focused project will be part of interdisciplinary research collaborations with several European partners ranging synthetic chemistry, molecular biology, epidemiology, virology, protein engineering and diagnostic assay developments.

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