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Biotage to Unveil New Advanced Sample Preparation Products at PITTCON 2008

04 January 2008



Biotage to Unveil New Advanced Sample Preparation Products at PITTCON 2008
Biotage, the leading supplier of tools and technology for medical and analytical chemistry, announces the launch of the latest addition to its EVOLUTE® family of sample preparation products. The EVOLUTE ABN 50 µm range has been specifically designed for use in environmental, forensic and industrial applications and provides a highly effective solution to the challenges of ion suppression and matrix effects from dirty extracts. The EVOLUTE ABN 50 µm product series will be showcased exclusively on booth #2934 at PITTCON 2008, from 1-7 March 2008.

Biotage’s new EVOLUTE ABN 50 µm range is ideally suited for trace enrichment analysis of environmental contaminants in large-volume aqueous samples. With a unique modified and water-wettable surface structure, EVOLUTE ABN promotes robust and reliable sample preparation. A balanced combination of polar and non-polar interactions enables efficient extraction of analytes of wide-ranging polarity. Additionally, EVOLUTE ABN columns can be used in a variety of application areas including food, agrochemical and industrial analysis.

Also on view at PITTCON will be the ISOLUTE® SLE+ Supported Liquid Extraction Product, providing an easier-to-automate alternative to traditional liquid-liquid extraction (LLE), eliminating all off-line steps and cutting sample preparation time in half. Problems such as emulsion formulation and automated pipetting of liquid layers are also avoided as the two phases do not come into direct contact. The ISOLUTE SLE+ mechanism is extremely robust and can deliver higher analyte recoveries and cleaner extracts than the equivalent LLE methods.

Jennifer Whedbee, Director Marketing Communications at Biotage, said: “Our new EVOLUTE and ISOLUTE products minimize sample preparation problems providing clean sample extracts while minimizing method development time and improving productivity. We are excited to showcase the benefits of these new expanded product lines for the first time at PITTCON 2008.”

The Biotage V-10 Solvent Evaporator with new carousel and enhanced software will also be demonstrated at PITTCON 2008. This revolutionary new system incorporates patented three-way drying technology which improves evaporation speed of both aqueous and organic solvents up to 20 times faster than conventional rotary and centrifugal systems. Using a patented combination of high-speed vial rotation, uniform warm-air heating and vacuum drying, this unique system provides rapid evaporation of solvents with boiling points ranging from 30 to 206ºC.

For more information on the EVOLUTE ABN 50 µm, ISOLUTE SLE+ or the V-10 Solvent Evaporator, please visit booth #2934. Alternatively please call 434-979-2319 (press 3), email, or visit
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