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Convenient Synthesis of Eight Compounds in Parallel

28 January 2015

In this earlier lab study, a series of eight 3-alkylidylindolin-2-ones were conveniently synthesized on Biotage® Endeavor™ in high yield and purity. Reactor purging, agitation, pressurization, heating, gas uptake and run termination were performed automatically by the run program.


Catalytic hydrogenation is one of the most broadly practiced synthetic transformations in organic synthesis, and the ability to readily execute multiple hydrogenations is a key tool in the synthetic chemist’s repertoire of parallel techniques. In this experiment, reduction of a series of 3-alkylidenylindolin-2-ones to 3-alkylindolin-2-ones was undertaken as a demonstration of the capability of Biotage® Endeavor™ for parallel hydrogenation.

Biotage® Endeavor™ is a proven parallel pressure reactor system that facilitates hydrogenation, gaseous reactions, and catalyst screening applications.

 Hydrogenation of alkylidenylindolins on Biotage Endeavor

Scheme 1. Parallel catalytic hydrogenation of 3-alkylidenylindolin-2-ones at elevated pressure.

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