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Custom Designed Resins for Difficult Separations

24 September 2014

Biotage, through its subsidiary MIP Technologies, has introduced a partnering program for customers unable to find solutions to their specific separation needs off the shelf. In a three-step approach, novel resins are tailored to perfectly match the target compound. 


Custom resins are developed in three steps. The first involves a close look at the separation problem at hand, and matching available candidate resins in the MIP Technologies resin library, holding more than 2,500 resins. If no satisfactory hit is identified, new resins are designed based on the findings from the screening. The prototype resin is then fine-tuned further in the optimization step, and produced in larger quantity in the scale-up phase.

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More Information

MIP Technologies has been assisting customers in developing tailored resins for over a decade, designing and synthesizing optimal resins for specific needs. The expertise towards selective resins covers preparation of conventional polymeric resins, as well as the design of selective materials such as Molecularly Imprinted Polymers (MIPs) or other Designed Resins, exhibiting up to 25 x the capacity of conventional resins. These designed resins can be engineered for an essentially unlimited variety of small and oligomeric molecules, and their unique selectivity can be tuned towards specific molecules or classes of chemically related compounds, making them superior for removal of low-level contaminants or extraction of high value desirables from your process. Further, as these resins have minimal impact on the flavor and fragrance of the product, they are ideal for use in food/beverage and related industries.

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