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Evolute and cat

EVOLUTE® SPE Plates in Veterinary Medicine Study

13 March 2015

In a study aimed at determining the pharmacokinetic characteristics and metabolism of eprinomectin in cats, EVOLUTE® ABN plates were used to quantify eprinomectin B1a in plasma.


A validated solid phase extraction method using EVOLUTE® ABN was used for the determination of eprinomectin B1a (and other actives) from plasma. The study, performed by researchers at Merial, established the pharmacokinetic behavior of eprinomectin, its plasma protein binding characteristics and the metabolic pathway in cat liver microsomes. Results of the analyses of eprinomectin B1a showed that it is metabolically stable and highly protein bound, and thus likely to be excreted mainly as unchanged parent drug in the feces of cats.

Eprinomectin is a semi-synthetic compound of the avermectin family, intended for the treatment of internal and external parasites. Eprinomectin is a mixture of two homologues, eprinomectin B1a and B1b, differing in a methylene group in the C25. 

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Valerie Kvaternick, Michael Kellermann, Martin Knaus, Steffen Rehbein, Joseph Rosentel. 2014. Pharmacokinetics and metabolism of eprinomectin in cats when administered in a novel topical combination of fipronil, (S)-methoprene, eprinomectin and praziquantel. Veterinary Parasitology Volume 202, Issues 1–2, 28 April 2014, Pages 2–9.