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Extraction of 49 Drugs of Abuse from Human Nails - New Application Note

20 June 2019

The testing of alternative matrices in forensic and/or clinical  toxicology is gaining popularity, partly due to less invasive means of collection. Matrices such as hair or nail can provide a more rounded picture of abstinence or abuse and associated timeframes. This application note describes the sample pre-treatment and subsequent extraction of 49 drugs of abuse from human nails, prior to LC/MS analysis.

This application note contains procedures optimized for both individual column format and 96-well plate format for higher throughput applications. The methodology delivers clean  extracts and analyte recoveries mostly greater than 80% with RSDs lower than 10% for all analytes and LLOQ from 1 pg/mg.  Both manual and automated procedures gave comparable results.

Download application note below.

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