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Improved Method Development in Food Safety

05 November 2014

With expert support from Tyson Foods, Biotage labs has co-developed an improved method for analyzing residues of aminoglycosides in meat.


This study evaluates the use of EVOLUTE® WCX sample preparation columns for clean up of the aminoglycosides gentamycin, neomycin, streptomycin and spectinomycin in chicken meat. The poster concludes that this is a viable option for residue measurements over a relevant concentration range in food safety laboratory applications.

The utility of aminoglycoside antimicrobial additives in foods has recently been challenged due to bioaccumulation in animals. The persistence of these residues may result in resistance to antibiotics, and has therefore been considered an issue of public health. Strategies to target these compounds have been standardized by FDA method CLG-AMG2.06, “Screening and Confirmation for Aminoglycosides by LC-MS-MS”.

This report details current sample preparation strategies developed in a collaborative effort with Biotage and Tyson Foods, Inc. Springdale Corporate Laboratory to optimize analyte recovery (>70%), minimize analyte suppression and maintain acceptable method precision. Samples were processed under positive pressure using a manifold (Biotage® Pressure+ 48), extracted using a polymeric weak cation exchange sorbent chemistry (EVOLUTE® WCX). The diluted extracts were analyzed by liquid chromatography – tandem mass spectrometry. Reduced workflow considerations for method implementation will also be presented.

Relative recovery from fortified samples in the study.