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light scattering

Improving Flash Purification with ELSD

21 October 2014

Plugging an evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD) into your flash chromatography system can greatly improve detection of non volatile compounds. This is shown in two applications on flash chromatography on carbohydrate derivatives and steroids. 


Certain compounds lacking conjugated double bonds are poorly resolved with UV detection, making chromatographic fractionation challenging with this technique. Examples are sterols and protected carbohydrate derivatives, typically saturated with varying levels of hydroxyl functionality. 

Two application notes from Biotage show that an ELSD unit used with a flash chromatography system will dramatically improve detection of these compounds. Because ELSD measure the abundance of particulates passing through the detector, it is more reliable for the detection of organic compounds, especially those with poor chromophores. In a chemical workflow process, this will lead to increased yields and higher purities.

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