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Isolera™ Dalton - Flash Chromatography Underway

04 May 2013

Isolera™ Dalton integrates the Biotage approach to flash chromatography with true compound identification using mass detection.

For the first time, Flash chemists can automatically collect targeted mass fractions of their compounds on a flash system. Isolera™ Dalton is nothing less than a fully fledged mass identifier system specifically designed to plug seamlessly into the Isolera™ family.

Provided by a company with over twenty years’ experience in Flash chromatography, the Isolera Dalton represents the most advanced and innovative purification system available, designed by people who understand Flash purification and the needs of the synthetic chemist.

Streamlined Workflow

The Isolera Dalton brings mass detection to flash chroma­tography. This system identifies compounds by mass in real time during Flash separation, leading to greater confidence in purification and a significant saving in time and money. This combination of identification and purification removes complex off-line analytical steps from the workflow, vastly increasing throughput and putting the entire purification and analysis in the hands of the chemist.

Reactor content can be injected directly to identify target masses, which then are transferred directly to the Flash method for mass targeted purification.

Tailored Technology

We have borrowed technology from mass detector systems and scaled it in an unparalleled way for Flash purification, creating a system that brings these technologies together for the first time. Minimal user intervention required makes it available to chemists unfamiliar with mass detection or those whose priorities lie in compound synthesis rather than analysis.

The Isolera™ Dalton Detector uses a chip-based electrospray system with a miniaturized quadrupole and internal vacuum pumps, allowing the system to easily fit in a fume hood, and is capable of handling both normal and reverse-phase samples with ease.

Intelligent Integration

Seamless interaction between a flash system and a mass detector requires advanced technology and fine tuning. This is all taken care of by the Nanolink interface, an intelligent sampling device that at any given moment provides the Dalton Detector with the exact amount of sample required, and dynamically adjusts to the solvent effluent flow rate employed in the Flash system.

The Isolera Spektra software with its graphic user interface provides a straightforward controlling environment, giving easy access to the process.


Compound identification by mass during purification and by direct injection
Fully automated integration of Flash purification and mass detection via the Isolera™ Dalton Nanolink
Automatically accomodates different flash flow rates
Simple wizard-based approach to method development
Compact system with miniaturized mass detector, easily fits inside a fume hood with no external pumps

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