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ISOLUTE® Myco Exceeds Expectations

27 January 2014

ISOLUTE® Myco SPE columns, released in April 2013, are proving themselves more efficient than initially thought.

Customer labs are reporting that ISOLUTE® Myco is vastly outperforming their previous processes and equipment. In North America an agricultural agency saw over 80% recovery during trials with ISOLUTE® Myco for patulin in apple cider and report that "the Biotage Myco method is much better than what we are doing now”. 

Another food industry customer in the Far East evaluated ISOLUTE® Myco with several foods, including apple juice and baby food products, and discovered that Myco worked much better than other SPE products for patulin and even better than a molecularly imprinted polymer resin.

Biotage R&D is currently researching other mycotoxin applications for ISOLUTE® Myco and will present their results at the AOAC meeting in Gaithersburg, Maryland, March 18th-21st.

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