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New Video – How to Replace the Spraychip® on Isolera™ Dalton

22 September 2015

The spraychip® on Isolera™ Dalton is a factory-calibrated disposable nanospray interface. The spraychip may become blocked or dirty over time and it may need to be cleaned or replaced. This 3D-animation will show you step-by-step how to replace it.


Required: Powder-free gloves and a spraychip® (P/N 413711SP).
1. Press Main Menu in the right-hand panel.
2. Press System. The Select User dialog opens.
3. Select your user name and press OK.
4. If your account is password-protected enter your password and press OK.
5. Select the Maintenance tab.
6. Press Replace spraychip® in the Mass Detector field and follow the instructions.

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