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Smarter Workflow Facilitates New Drug Discovery

12 October 2018

PeptiDream Inc. is a global leader in peptide drug discovery. With a recent upgrade in laboratory equipment, they are eager to share their technology with collaborating partners, to accelerate the development of cures for global diseases. 


PeptiDream recently relocated to new facilities in Kawasaki, Japan, and brought with them their Biotage equipment for chemistry workflow. In the process they also made upgrades to their instrumentation. 

"Since our research is progressing more and more, we also need the equipment to be upgraded and advance at the same pace," says Keichi Masuya, Executive Vice President R&D at PeptiDream. 

"With an increasing number of strategic collaborations with customers and some in-house projects ongoing, we have nearly three times the number of projects we had three years ago. The big difference is the increasing number of strategic collaborations. This is not merely research contracts, but rather aims to match the technologies of our company and the other parties, to work on the whole, and to produce results that cannot be obtained elsewhere."

Keichi Masuya

Keichi Masuya, Board Director and Executive Vice President of R&D at PeptiDream.

PeptiDream uses automation tools to cover their peptide workflow from synthesis through purification down to evaporation and pure product.

"With the increasing number of alliance partners, we needed to expand our equipment to the fullest extent. For concentration, we chose the new model Biotage® V-10 Touch. There are other equipment available to remove non-volatile solvent such as DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide), but we chose the V-10 for its speed." says Synthesis Program Leader Takahiro Nishimaru. 

"We have been using the Syro peptide synthesizer for many years, and decided straight away to acquire the new heating blocks that we have been waiting for," he continues. 

Synthesis Group Scientist Keita Fukuda fills in: "With the heating blocks, Syro can synthesize peptides with sequences that were difficult without using a microwave synthesizer. Depending on the conditions, microwaves may give better yields, but Syro is a great asset because it can synthesize many peptides in parallel at the same time."

Keita Fukuda

Keita Fukuda, Synthesis Group Scientist at PeptiDream.

"For flash purification, we compared the Isolera™ with other manufacturers. Isolera is surprisingly compact and saves us a lot of bench space. Moreover, with the optional Spektra function, when there are weak UV absorbers at a particular wavelength, it’s reassuring to know that it’s always looking at all wavelengths and not missing important compounds," Nishimaru explains. 

"We are already doing research together with several companies, and we promote technology transfer and work in an all-around manner to deliver innovative new drugs to patients. We are based only in Japan, but currently 70% of our business is overseas, and I am really proud to work in such global context," says Keichi Masuya.

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