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Strong Test Results of New Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 Flash Cartridges

06 November 2014

Peakdale Molecular are impressed after beta testing of the new Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 Cartridges for reversed phase flash chromatography.


Using a 30 g Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 column, Peakdale chemists were able to separate two closely running diastereomeric heterocycles. Roughly 100 mg of material was separated per run using an optimized solvent gradient. After further synthetic transformations the compounds were sent for biological testing.

- We would not have been able to separate these two compounds using the old Biotage reverse phase C18 silica columns, says Dr Gianna Toschi.

Peakdale expects that the new SNAP Ultra C18 cartridges from Biotage will offer a more rapid purification turnaround on projects, resulting in faster testing and delivery of customer targets. 

Peakdale Molecular (part of the Concept Life Sciences Group) is a leading UK-based provider of drug discovery services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostics and materials sciences.

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