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New Video SNAP Ultra Greg Saunders

The Benefits of SNAP Ultra C18 Flash Columns

29 May 2015

Find out about the key points of Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 reversed-phase flash purification cartridges in this three minute video.


Small molecules synthesized in drug discovery are increasingly water soluble. The way to purify these molecules after synthesis is reversed-phase flash chromatography - simpler and cheaper than preparative HPLC. 

Traditional flash C18 columns normally load around 1%. The high surface area in Biotage® SNAP Ultra C18 columns lets you triple that up to 3% loading capacity. This means a smaller column will do the job, solvent consumption is reduced, purification is faster, and the fractions are more concentrated meaning less evaporation and work-up. 

The SNAP design allows six different loading options including various liquid dry loadings, covering all the bases.

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