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Hair App Note

Two New Applications Notes - Sample Preparation of a Drugs of Abuse Panel in Human Hair

06 December 2018

These two new application notes from Biotage describe procedures for sample pre-treatment and extraction of a panel of 49 drugs of abuse from human hair, using Biotage® Lysera for matrix micropulverization, prior to clean up using ISOLUTE® SLE+ supported liquid extraction.


Application Note Number AN898

This application note contains procedures optimized for 400 μL SLE+ columns, and 200 μL and 400 μL plate formats, for higher throughput applications. The methodology delivers clean extracts and analyte recoveries mostly greater than 80% with RSDs lower than 10% for all analytes and LLOQ from 1 ng/mL.

ISOLUTE® SLE+ Supported Liquid Extraction plates and columns offer an efficient alternative to tradition liquid liquid extraction (LLE) for bioanalytical sample preparation, providing high analyte recoveries, no emulsion formation and significantly reduced preparation time.

Download Application Note AN898


Application Note Number AN897 (Streamlined Procedure)

Elimination of an evaporation step between the micropulverization and supported liquid extraction clean up stages provides a streamlined procedure for hair extraction. Analytes are quantified using LC-MS/MS.

Download Application Note AN897

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