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Webinar: A Roadmap to Successful Flash Chromatography

09 August 2018

Want to improve your flash chromatography skills? Learn all the tricks of the trade in this one-hour webinar with flash guru Bob Bickler. 


For a dedicated synthetic chemist, the goal is designing and making effective molecules. All the work in between - reactions, work-up, purification - can feel like necessary evils. Especially the purification process is like navigating a maze of solvents, gradients, and retardation factors. 

But there are tricks and effective techniques for purifying almost any compound, and with a little knowledge and a systematic approach, purification can become much less of a hassle.

In this webinar, Bob Bickler shares his knowledge gained from a lifetime on the chromatography bench, in an effort to make chromatography faster and easier for everybody. Watch it below. 

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A Roadmap to Successful Flash Chromatography